Only Medical E-course in India Certified by MUHS

1 year Fellowship in Preventive Cardiology course, affiliated to Maharashtra University of Health Sciences, Nashik. It is fully an E­learning course followed by observer­ship program.

  • Opportunity to Practice Preventive Cardiology
  • Observership in Leading Hospitals with Contact Programs
  • Opportunity to learn the integrated approach of Modern Medicine, Ayurveda & Homeopathy
  • Opportunity to get certified in Preventive cardiology by MUHS
  • Opportunity to work with Cardiac Hospitals and Leading Cardiologist
  • Opportunity to learn from Best Faculties in Leading Medical Industry
  • Opportunity to Start your Career as a Health Coach / Wellness Coach

Course Overview


The only course in India that offers graduates and post graduates in medical field a complete outlook and exciting career into “Preventive Cardiology”. It will help you guide thousands of people in their quest for better heart health through a holistic and scientifically proven approach and impart you with patient counseling and rehabilitation skills in terms of cardiac health.

Make way to a lucrative career as a specialist in preventive cardiology by adding aptitude, skill and experience to your existing portfolio. You will be exposed to knowledge regarding alternate approaches to heart management, the diagnosis of cardiac conditions and the recognition of risk factors.

Rich information of new dimensions and progressive advances in preventive heart management will give you cutting edge over competition in terms of qualification.

Finally, this course will bestow you with qualifications that will make you a desirable member of a cardiac crisis management team.

Course Details

  • Course Code: 3
  • Duration: One year E-LEARNING COURSE (Once a week sessions of 2 hours minimum)
  • Eligibility Criteria for Admission: University Degree of M.B.B.S., B.A.M.S, B.H.M.S, D.H.M.S. The candidate will not be allowed to join any other course degree/ P.G. degree/ certificate/ Diploma) in MUHS simultaneously.
  • Migration Certificate (Compulsory for Students outside Maharashtra)
  • Admission Procedure: Admission process and procedure will be conducted by the management of Vd. Sane's Ayurvedic Education & Agricultural Research Trust.
  • Intake Capacity: 100
  • To understand the basic principles of Approach for the Management of various Cardiac Disorder.
  • To develop the skills to overcome the life threatening Cardiac Emergencies.
  • To understand the various Causative factors of Cardiac Disease, Classification & Evaluation of symptoms in Cardiac Disease.
  • To understand the basic Patho-physiology of heart disease and it’s management, to develop the case taking skills with respect to diagnostic exploration.
  • To understand different treatment modalities like BSL, ACLS, and CPR & Panchkarma therapies.
  • To understand the role of specific Panchkarma with respect to cardiac disease.
  • To understand the role of Homoeopathic medicine with respect to cardiac disease.
  • To understand the Importance of Lifestyle Management for the prevention of cardiac disease.
MIPC: MIPC stands for Madhavbaug Institute of Preventive Cardiology. MIPC is the very first Interpathy chair of Preventive Cardiology established in Maharashtra University of Health Sciences (MUHS), Nashik. It is an Academic Unit of MUHS, Nashik.
All practitioners who want to give their career an extra edge. Fresher graduates who want to pursue and excel their career in the field of Cardiology.

Cardiology constitutes an important part for a practicing doctor. Cardiovascular Disease & Cardiac Disease are two different things, but these diseases are the leading cause for death. According to Government data, the cardiovascular disease scenario in India has seen a considerable high increase in the number of heart disease cases over the past couple of decades.

According to recent data, approximately 30% of urban population & 15% of rural population suffer from high blood pressure and heart attacks. As the risk factors of heart ailments increase, so does the mortality rate.Asserting that 2.4 million Indians die due to heart disease every year, the number continues to grow due to stress, unhealthy eating habits, lack of sleep and addictions like alcohol & cigarettes.

The Audio – Video format lectures will be delivered by renowned faculties along with intermittent exams. There will 6 to 8 days of Contact Program throughout the year which is a platform to resolve your queries as well as interact with faculties.
The current scenario demands an immediate emphasis to be laid on preventive healthcare. This involves raising awareness about the disease & its risk factors amongst the Healthcare Professionals. There is urgent need to create awareness about Preventive factors & provide practical solutions.

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    Dr. Jaising Phadtare

    Clinical Examination, Case Presentation

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    Cardiac Rehab

    Course Curriculum


    As Anatomical knowledge is essential for examination of a patient, for confirmation of a diagnosis and communication of these findings to the patient and other medical professionals. In this module we are going to learn detail anatomy of Heart in terms of Embryology, Surface Anatomy, Structural anatomy & its applied part in various diseases.
    Physiology means scientific study of normal functions of the living organisms . therefore it is necessary to learn normal functions of Heart while learning cardiology. Cardiac physiology module consist of General circulation, Pulmonary circulation, Coronary circulation , Cardiac Cycle, Vascular physiology, Exercise physiology etc.
    Every system is based on its basic principles, if we want to learn//understand this ancient treatment modalities we have to learn its basic principles. In this Module we are going to learn basic principles of ayurveda like, Panchabhoutik siddhanta, Dhatu- Dosh- Mala siddhnta, Hrudroga (Ayurvedic view of Cardiology) ,Principles of treatment in terms of ayurveda etc.
    Like Ayurveda Homeopathy is also one the ancient classical system of medicine. This module comprises of concept of Health , disease & Cure i.e. Trinity of life , Concept of Vital force , Miasams etc.
    Importance of this module is , it indicates disease burden in the community. Give information of patients characteristic. Helps in basic research & to set priorities. Serves as starting point of etiological studies & helps in disease prevention. Therefore we are going to learn details of Incidence & Prevalence of every cardiovascular disease with recent researches.
    This module consist of how to approach the patient for diagnosis of disease & its treatment plan.
    This module contains the details of Cardiovascular diseases - IHD, MI, CAD, CHF, Valvular Heart disease, Cardiomyopathy, DM, HTN, Dyslipidemia, Obesity. In this sessions we are going to learn the Causes, Signs & Symptoms, Pathophysiology, Clinical examinations, Investigations , Treatment protocols as per the international guidelines & recent researches related with the diseases.
    Now a days , Diagnostic procedures are important tool for precise diagnosis of disease condition. In this module we are going to learn various types of Pathological Investigation, Non invasive investigations, Invasive investigations which are useful for diagnosing cardiovascular diseases.
    In this module we are going to learn Role & Imporatance of pharmacology in cardiovascular diseases, detailed description of various drugs – like vasodilators, antianginal , ARB’s, Calcium channel blocker etc.
    This module comprises of various Ayurvedic herbs useful in different cardiac conditions.
    Its a classical ayurvedic mode of treatment useful for preventive as well as curative aspect. Its an detoxification process which remove all the toxic material from human body. In this session we will take overview of every process of Panchakarma therapy and its application in cardiology
    In this module we are going to learn Homeopathic view of treating the heart diseases & Related drugs.
    Heart is vital organ of human body. Emmergencies related with cardiovascular system must be life threatening. Therefore it should be recognized immediately to avoid delay in treatment and to minimize morbidity and mortality. In this chapter, we review the clinician's approach to these disorders and their treatments like CPR , BLS, Advance life support etc. Protocols.
    Rehabilitation is the act of restoring something to its original state. Likewise, Cardiac rehabilitation (rehab) is a structured program of education/activity guided toward lifestyle modification, increasing functional capabilities and peer support.(For Cardiac patients). In this module we are going to learn the Diet & Dietary guidelines for Cardiovascular patients , Stress management techniques, various cardiac exercises , yoga etc .
    Now a days there are many advances are going on in medical sciences . This module is specially designed for this kind of different therapies for e.g. Eanhanced external counter pulsation (EECP), Chelation Therapy , Stem cell therapy
    It deals with legal aspects of the practice of medicine. In this module we are going to learn legal responsibilities of the physician with particular reference to those arising from physician – patient relationship such as, Medical ethics , Medical negligence cases, Consent, Rights and duties of doctors, infamous conduct, etc.
    * This course is meant for imparting knowledge only